domenica 20 aprile 2008


Dear friends ,
we would like to present our pizzeria at the college. It was an unforgettable event. so we could organize a pizzeria, make different kinds of pizzas and sell them. The students took part in different competitions, made posters and sang funny short songs about pizza. We delivered pizzas to our customers.

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etwinning referent ha detto...

What a pleasure to see the pizzeria you set up at your school!!!
It is fantastic what you and your students did for the pizza project!!!
It is remarkable the work you have done and how you involved your community!!!
Please, tell us something more about your pizzas (pizza dough and ingredients!)
Teresa Costanza
etwinning referent, Italy

etwinning referent ha detto...

It's a wonderful job that you've done to the school with your students.
How nice costumes they have! And they've done a lot of pizzas.

Alexandrina Liscan

etwinning referent ha detto...

Now, we are expecting to teach us how to make a pizzeria.
Let's share the work for the virtual pizzeria.

Alex Liscan