martedì 1 aprile 2008

Portuguese team thanks E. Aletti

The portuguese team came back to Coimbra much richer after such a wonderful week at Trebisacce. I thank italian teachers for their great work.

We were received in our school as heroes. Pity it was holidaystime. But many students read the local newspaper and knew about our prize. They´re still congratulating us.

We restarted classes yesterday and Victor and Tânia related their good time in Trebisacce to their schoolmates. Everyone is anxiuos to meet you all in Romania in November. Let´s hope our Comenius project can be approved.

If so, we'll be very glad to receive you here in March next year. You'll se how beautiful Portugal is!

I think something up there is protecting us, because the whole team gathered in E. Aletti from 10-15 March was fantastic and always acted like a family. It has been a real european comunity!

Thank you all for everything!

Madalena Relvão
Portuguese Teacher
Escola Secundária D. Duarte

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