martedì 15 aprile 2008

Hungarians in Trebisacce at the Torneo

Dear friends,

Hungarian team wants to thank that we could participate in this Pizza Torneo.Italian teachers and students were very friendly with everybody and we could have some new friends. Of course we want to go back to Trebisacce if it is possible and we can spend an amazing week there. Together again...:)We clicked Trebisacce.Your city is really special.People were very friendly and helpful with us.We want to say thank you for Mirella, beacuse she took us to the school for some lessons so we know what is a tipical English lesson in Italy. Students enjoyed it very much.

Gréti from Hungary

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etwinning referent ha detto...

Hello there, how are you?
I'm fine but I miss you so much. I'd like to come to you in Hungary and be with you again. My friends and I always think of you!!We had fun on the"molo" and when we see what you wrote there we think of you.....I'll never forget what we did together and I hope we will be friends for ever and so I hope we can meet again and have fun together....
For Grety, Doory, Oinji (my sweet angels), Claudia (my lover) and Robert....
Kisses and love from Fede....

etwinning referent ha detto...

Hello boys and girls,
Thanks to this project we had the chance to meet you and speak the English language with you and the students from Latvia, Romania, Portugal. This project was realized for us students to learn how to make pizza from professional people and also to know how the pizza business works.
It was a great idea because we could meet here in Trebisacce for the Torneo and we could stay together. We ate and visited the most beautiful places of our area . We could make friendship and overcome our fears of speaking English. It is beautiful to communicate via MSN and we hope to meet you again maybe with another project.
Kisses to the girls and hugs to the boys!!!!
Truncellito Domenico and Alessio Pasqualino