giovedì 3 aprile 2008

Dear friends,

The Romanian team wants to thank to all the participants to this wonderful pizza torneo, especially to the Italian team for their huge efforts.

You have a splendid city and you have demonstrated to all of us that a small (but nice, cosy and clean) city, a small comunity like yours - but with great hearts, can develop such a european project.

My students enjoyed (like teachers) all the time spend at Trebisacce (Teresa, can we come again?) and Ana said: "Teacher Alex, you'll see, I'll open a pizzeria!"

The students were welcomed like heroes here at school and in the comunity. To make pizza for the italians is something sensational!

We all have learned a lot from you; thank you dear friends from Trebisacce.

The project is not finished yet, we must create the virtual pizza so we will work together again.

And, don't forget, like Madalena said (hi, Madalena), I hope we'll meet in november in Cluj-Napoca!

Alexandrina Liscan
ICT Teacher
Colegiul Tehnic Raluca Ripan

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