domenica 6 aprile 2008

pizza workshop at D. Duarte school

Hi, guys!

This week (7-11April) my school is having a special time - the school and professional orientation week. Many schools and universities will be here showing their work; my school will also show our courses to potential students to secondary school next year.

As far as vocational cooking course is concerned, Tânia and Victor will be leading a workshop in pizza, next thursday. We hope everything goes well. It surely will, because we learn't a lot about it at Trebisacce.

We made a photo-reportage and a press-selection about our pizza torneo for an exhibition during this special week. Maybe I can post some pictures here after the event.

The whole school is very proud about our participation in the torneo. So happy we could take part in such a nice work!

Madalena Relvão
Escola D. Duarte - Coimbra - Portugal

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etwinning referent ha detto...

It is unbelievable what the stage torneo brought about!!! The school from Romania and now your school is doing workshops were your students show to the other students and people from outside school how to make a real Italian pizza!!!
We are very proud of what you are doing and that your town welcomed you as heros!!!!
teresa Costanza