venerdì 2 maggio 2008

Pizza Stage at pizzeria "La bottega degli antichi sapori"

Here are some videos about the Pizza Stage. There are videos of 10 mns. each or shorter so to have a comprehensive view of the Pizza making process that was held in turn in the pizzerias of Trebisacce and that sponsors also our Torneo.
Carmen, Enrico , Francesco, Marianna, Silvio class V I Ipsia Aletti

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etwinning referent ha detto...

Hi Teresa, We could not be in Pizza Torneo but your video is real masterclass. It's great! I am going to show it at school. My students will be interested in the pizza makig process. Thanks a lot. Best regards from Russia

etwinning referent ha detto...

Thanks Vera!
We tried to make videos so once they were posted on the blog everyone would have had the chance to look and hear all the information given by professioanl people like the members of Pizzerie Italiane e Scuola di Pizza that we contacted for the Stage-Torneo.Have your students practise on pizzas and if you want I can ask the President to have also you and two of your students partecipate to the Mediterranean Championshiop in October.You will be guests as the others. I'm sure he will be happy to host you. There are so cheap flights from Russia to Italy, if you book in advance you can make it and we can all meet at Scalea!!!