lunedì 31 marzo 2008

Why the Torneo was a success!!!!

The torneo was a real success because students and teachers of the partecipating schools worked on pizza , a type of food that everybody likes and should you think some day of opening up a pizzeria be sure that you could make good earnings wherever you are. The collaboration of the members of the Pizzerie Italiane and Scuola di Pizza has been a very fruitful and precious one being they professional people who train pizzamen. The Stage- Torneo was a highly professional time for all people involved in it since the students got precious information on the ingredients to use, the right equipment you should have and the skills you should have acquired when you are going to make pizza. The involvemnent of the territory has been another winning card of our Torneo since pizzerias, public bodies (Municipality of Trebisacce, Comunità Montana) Consorzio delle Clementine IGP della Calabria and even a company dealing in iron The Eiffel building s.r.l. agreed to sponsor the Torneo.
The Pizza Stage by the local pizzerias that opened up their place and were at the disposal of the members of the Pizzerie Italiane and Scuola di Pizza, the friendly atmosphere created among students and teachers, the touring of the territory to discover uncontaminated places with people that still wait up in the mountains for visitors to come and get the chance to ask questions and start to communicate with a coffe at a bar, well, all what was planned by the program or impossible to plan like human being relatioships started among all the people involved in this event made of this Stage - Torneo a time to cherish for all of us!!
Teresa Costanza

etwinning referent and English teacher

Ipsia Aletti, Trebisacce, Italy

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