domenica 20 aprile 2008


Dear friends ,
we would like to present our pizzeria at the college. It was an unforgettable event. so we could organize a pizzeria, make different kinds of pizzas and sell them. The students took part in different competitions, made posters and sang funny short songs about pizza. We delivered pizzas to our customers.

sabato 19 aprile 2008

Snapshots of the Pizza Stage Torneo

You can see the different phases of the Pizza Stage where the students have been involved by the members of Pizzerie Italiane and Scuola di Pizza who showed students how to mix the ingredients, make the pizza dough, flatten the pizza balls, garnish the pizza, use the peel and cook it !
Isn't it wonderful what they were able to do?
Domenico Guarino
cooking teacher, Italy

venerdì 18 aprile 2008

The pizzas made by the students at the Torneo

The students made their pizzas to classify at the first place. They were very professional and did a good job.
The cooking teacher of the Italian team Domenico Guarino

martedì 15 aprile 2008

Hungarians in Trebisacce at the Torneo

Dear friends,

Hungarian team wants to thank that we could participate in this Pizza Torneo.Italian teachers and students were very friendly with everybody and we could have some new friends. Of course we want to go back to Trebisacce if it is possible and we can spend an amazing week there. Together again...:)We clicked Trebisacce.Your city is really special.People were very friendly and helpful with us.We want to say thank you for Mirella, beacuse she took us to the school for some lessons so we know what is a tipical English lesson in Italy. Students enjoyed it very much.

Gréti from Hungary

lunedì 14 aprile 2008

The elegance of the Italian students

Look and learn! Such an elegance for the desert and the desert' presentation!
Thank you, dear colleague!

I must say that I am so good for other delicatessen. So, let's share our knowledges!

The brochure "The Fellowship of Pizza" presented by the Romanian team

Ana, Calin and I, presenting the brochure "The Fellowship of pizza". This contest is a national one with final products of European projects.
The brochure contains details and a lot of pictures about the eTwinning project "The pizza business across Europe".
The jury considered that the project is very good and voila... the third prize!
As you can see, the students are dressed with the equipment received from the school IPSIA E. Aletti.
Alexandrina Liscan

sabato 12 aprile 2008

The Romanian students making pizza at school for the mass media

Ana and Calin making pizza at school. They are so happy, demonstrating that they are good not only for making cookies or making sausages, they can do good pizzas! Why? Because they have had good teachers in Italy.

This is the movie at the Realitatea TV, a national news television (something like... CNN).

Alexandrina Liscan

venerdì 11 aprile 2008

Some Videos

Here are the links to youtube for the interview that the Italian students did to a pizzeria owner and what the students of the partecipating countries of the etwinning project "The Pizza Business Across Europe" did at the Pizza Torneo contest. The interview made by the local TV tele A1 to our Headmaster Mr. Vincenzo Petrelli is in Italian but you will understand everything, won't you? Leave your comments, please!!!

In the photo: the Romanian etwinning referent Alexandrina Liscan , the cooking teacher and the students with a box of oranges offered by the sponsor Consorzio delle Clementine IGP della Calabria.

Teresa Costanza , etwinning referent, Italy (interview to a pizzeria owner) (Torneo of pizza)

domenica 6 aprile 2008

pizza workshop at D. Duarte school

Hi, guys!

This week (7-11April) my school is having a special time - the school and professional orientation week. Many schools and universities will be here showing their work; my school will also show our courses to potential students to secondary school next year.

As far as vocational cooking course is concerned, Tânia and Victor will be leading a workshop in pizza, next thursday. We hope everything goes well. It surely will, because we learn't a lot about it at Trebisacce.

We made a photo-reportage and a press-selection about our pizza torneo for an exhibition during this special week. Maybe I can post some pictures here after the event.

The whole school is very proud about our participation in the torneo. So happy we could take part in such a nice work!

Madalena Relvão
Escola D. Duarte - Coimbra - Portugal

giovedì 3 aprile 2008

Made for Europe

Dear teachers and colleagues,
after we arrive in Romania, we have participate to a contest called "Made for Europe" with final products made in European projects.
We are happy to tell you that our brochure called "The Fellowship of Pizza" won the third prize at the contest.
In this picture you can see the last page of the brochure and the page is called because we think that we, all the students we were in Trebisacce we are, indeed, "made for Europe".
Ana and Calin,
Romanian team

Dear friends,

The Romanian team wants to thank to all the participants to this wonderful pizza torneo, especially to the Italian team for their huge efforts.

You have a splendid city and you have demonstrated to all of us that a small (but nice, cosy and clean) city, a small comunity like yours - but with great hearts, can develop such a european project.

My students enjoyed (like teachers) all the time spend at Trebisacce (Teresa, can we come again?) and Ana said: "Teacher Alex, you'll see, I'll open a pizzeria!"

The students were welcomed like heroes here at school and in the comunity. To make pizza for the italians is something sensational!

We all have learned a lot from you; thank you dear friends from Trebisacce.

The project is not finished yet, we must create the virtual pizza so we will work together again.

And, don't forget, like Madalena said (hi, Madalena), I hope we'll meet in november in Cluj-Napoca!

Alexandrina Liscan
ICT Teacher
Colegiul Tehnic Raluca Ripan

martedì 1 aprile 2008

Portuguese team thanks E. Aletti

The portuguese team came back to Coimbra much richer after such a wonderful week at Trebisacce. I thank italian teachers for their great work.

We were received in our school as heroes. Pity it was holidaystime. But many students read the local newspaper and knew about our prize. They´re still congratulating us.

We restarted classes yesterday and Victor and Tânia related their good time in Trebisacce to their schoolmates. Everyone is anxiuos to meet you all in Romania in November. Let´s hope our Comenius project can be approved.

If so, we'll be very glad to receive you here in March next year. You'll se how beautiful Portugal is!

I think something up there is protecting us, because the whole team gathered in E. Aletti from 10-15 March was fantastic and always acted like a family. It has been a real european comunity!

Thank you all for everything!

Madalena Relvão
Portuguese Teacher
Escola Secundária D. Duarte