giovedì 8 maggio 2008

and now the pizzas

The Pt students loved the pizzas made by Vitor and Tania.

Of course the other students from their class have made some pizzas before ... at the cooking class with Chef Lavrador ... that's why the whole school tasted the dilicious pizzas. Hip-hip to italian cooking!

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etwinning referent ha detto...

Hi, Ana and Calin from Romania want to congratulate Tania and Vitor! So many delicatessen there! How nice! Nice activity!

etwinning referent ha detto...

I can see your pizzas are deliciuos and Pizza Torneo was motivated. Vitor and Tania, your work is wonderul. My students will see your pictures on is very interesting! Well done!!!Best regards from Russia, Vera

gretike ha detto...

Hey Vitor and Tania! I miss you so much and I hope you are fine:) Congratulation to your pizza:)Good job!

etwinning referent ha detto...

It looks like you learnt very well how to make Italian pizzas.
When can we taste some?
Carmen and marianna from Italy

madalena ha detto...

hey everybody.
We hope that you liked our workshop.
We hope see you again.
Best regards Tania, Diana and Anabela