sabato 11 aprile 2009

We won another prize!!!!!!!

F!rst prize for the book!!!!

We won!

So happy! Anna phone me and we won!!!
Another prize for the Pizza project
Thank you Teresa!

national contest Made for Europe, Oradea, Romania

Dear friends, the eTwinning product, the book: "A story of success: The pizza business across Europe" was presented by Ana. Here are some pictures during the contest and on the street with her "pizza" received from the pizzaiolli. All the people stopped to see her. We're joking with Ana, and saying that maybe he could make some honest money for the show on the street! And the jury was impressed about her technique learned from the pizzaiolli. Please, Teresa, send them our gratitude! We don't know yet the results of the contest, but anyway, we are the best, don't you think?
Happy Easter to all of you!

giovedì 19 marzo 2009


On 5 March the Hungarian students made pizza and they made an exhibition in the school to present the life story of the project. It was opened by the assistant director. School students could taste the pizza which was prepared using the Italian recipe.

mercoledì 18 marzo 2009

Prize for the book!

On Saturday, at the Made for Europe contest, the book "A story of success: The pizza business across Europe" won the first place and in April my student Ana will go at the national phase.

mercoledì 11 marzo 2009

Trebisacce: The Tele A1 interview for our prize

You can see the interview the Italian local TV Tele A1 made to us soon after the etwinning prize. There is also a link to the national Italian network Televideo where there is mentioned our prize!! Give it a look! See also what my NSS review about the project prize and my interview!!!