mercoledì 18 marzo 2009

Prize for the book!

On Saturday, at the Made for Europe contest, the book "A story of success: The pizza business across Europe" won the first place and in April my student Ana will go at the national phase.

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etwinning referent ha detto...

Dear Alex,
it's amazing what you are doing in your country!!!
My school compliment to you, first of all, and to your headmaster. She must be very proud of you!!! A hug,

etwinning referent ha detto...

Thank you, my friend. The truth is that it was a pleasure for all of us to work at the pizza project, and the results are like the project: superb!

madalena ha detto...

Hello, Romanian friends.

The Portuguese team congratulates you all for this new prize. We're proud of you!

We're looking forward to have the book in Thessaloniki.

A hug for you, Anne, Aline and your headmaster Maria.

I miss you all.

etwinning referent ha detto...

I can't wait to have the book in Thesaloniki. I am so thrilled that I can't wait to see what you were able to do !!! My compliments again!