mercoledì 14 maggio 2008

In PT classroom

Hi, everyone!

My sts are in classrrom working about the virtual pizzeria.

They were visiting our blog and added some comments.

A big hug to you all.

Madalena (PT teacher)

domenica 11 maggio 2008

Hello from Pizzerie Italiane e Scuola di Pizza from Tortora

Hello everybody!

I am Mr. Matellicano Francesco (in the picture on the left of the cooking teacher Domenico Guarino (at the centre) with my collaborators) the president of Scuola di Pizza of Tortora Marina (CS), born in collaboration with API (Associazione Pizzerie Italiane) the only branch of National School of Pizza for Calabria , but I am also the Vice President of API. We have long experienced training people for who wants to become a pizzaman. In fact the students that attended our courses have been hired by the most well-known Italian pizzerias that rely on us to recommend the best pizzaman.
I knew about etwinning projects and what they are about when the cooking teacher Domenico Guarino and the etwinning referent Teresa Costanza of Ipsia Aletti of Trebisacce (CS) upon request of the Headmaster Mr. Vincenzo Petrelli , asked me to hold a Stage for students of an international Pizza Torneo from 10 to 15 March 2008 that would have taken place at Trebisacce and that had been planned in their etwinning project “The pizza business across Europe “ of which the Ipsia Aletti is the coordinating school. I quickly accepted and with my collaborators Giuseppe Strati, Francesco Ricca and Franz Berardi we taught students and cooking teachers , as well, the different techniques referring to the pizza mixing, the pizza balls, the flattening of the pizza balls and the cooking method. On the 14th the students of Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Latvia made their pizzas at the Torneo competition held at the Roof Garden of Miramare Palace Hotel in Trebisacce. The pizzas made with the products of their country classified as follows: 1st place Portugal ( red and green peppers, tomato, tomato sauce, black olives, garlic, onion, and cod fish brought with them); 2nd place Romania ( tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, black olives, maize, green peppers and chilly ); 3rd place Latvia (sliced sausage, bacon, ham, mild paprika, mushrooms, tomato sauce); 4th place Hungary ( maize, red and green peppers, sliced sausage, onion and oregano). The gala dinner prepared by the students and cooking teachers of the restaurant and hotel course of Ipsia Aletti was superb! It comprised some dished of the French, Spanish, Norwegian and Italian cuisine of their Comenius project “ Influences, Trends and Creation in European Cooking”.
My collaborators and I are grateful to the Headmaster Vincenzo Petrelli for asking our collaboration and I am sure that the enthusiasm that the schools showed for the Stage contributed to the success of this etwinning Torneo. That means that we are working well in the whole Calabria region since we are making all our efforts to make the craft of Italian pizza known to students and to common people.
As a matter of fact the headmaster of the Romanian school and the etwinning referent of Hungary asked me to go to their school and hold a pizza course in November. This is a fact of our way of working!!! We in turn, during the gala dinner prize giving ceremony officially invited the schools that participated to the Torneo to take part to the Mediterranean Championship of Pizza Piccante that will be held in Scalea from 13 to 14 October 2008 at the hotel Santa Caterina .
I would like to thank the pizzerias that allowed us to give our classes at their place and other sponsors and that are: pizzeria“ La Bottega degli Antichi Sapori”, pizzeria“ Al Capolinea”, pizzeria “Mimmo e Cosimo” , " Gli Artigiani del Pane" the oven where we were welcomed like a family and showed students how they make pizza, "La Favella" where we had lunch. A special thank you to the Miramare Palace Hotel where the Torneo was held at the beautiful Roof Garden overlooking the sea!!
Give a look at our website where you will find an article of the Torneo event in Italian.
I asked a friend of mine to translate this in English and the etwinning referent, Teresa Costanza, to post my article on the blog that I found it fantastic. I am very happy that students held workshops in their schools!! That means that we worked well!!
There is also our magazine, Real Pizza, where there will be the article on the Torneo. We will post it shortly!!!

giovedì 8 maggio 2008

and now the pizzas

The Pt students loved the pizzas made by Vitor and Tania.

Of course the other students from their class have made some pizzas before ... at the cooking class with Chef Lavrador ... that's why the whole school tasted the dilicious pizzas. Hip-hip to italian cooking!

Pt workshop - some other photos

Pizza workshop at D. Duarte school

Well, here you are some pictures of a workshop at the Portuguese school.

It was includes in the «school and vocational guide week».

The local press was present to report the workshop. And many nation-wide institutions, too, because they were there to show their proposals for further studies.

venerdì 2 maggio 2008

Pizza Stage at pizzeria "La bottega degli antichi sapori"

Here are some videos about the Pizza Stage. There are videos of 10 mns. each or shorter so to have a comprehensive view of the Pizza making process that was held in turn in the pizzerias of Trebisacce and that sponsors also our Torneo.
Carmen, Enrico , Francesco, Marianna, Silvio class V I Ipsia Aletti